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CDMX Updates 2022 Week #6

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

👋🏻 Hello, fellow Mexico City expats!!

Sorry for the late post... I've been cranking away on a bunch of big community projects and haven't been able to keep up with posting. 😅 (ps. if you want to be a writing contributor, I could totally use the help!)

Now back to the fun. Here's your event and tip guide for the week!



Thurs 2/3 @ 7:30pm - Cine Tonala, Roma Sur Join us for this week’s CDMX Crypto/Fintech/Web3 Meetup 🚀

We have another awesome lineup this week:

🚀 Win Raguini - Defi Gaming: Axie Infinity @sfkaos

🚀 Elian Huesca - The origins of Money, the Internet, and Bitcoin @elianhuesca

🚀 Rafael Montesinos - Numen: Tokenization for Businesses

Friday 2/4 @ 6pm - Haab, Condesa


What: CDMX’s 1st English Storytelling Gathering

When: Friday Feb 4th, 6-9PM

Where: HAAB, Amsterdam 255 (Condesa)

Price: Free

Theme: “The One Who Got Away”

The theme for February will touch on both love and loss - “The One Who Got Away.” ❤️&💔

Everyone has a story about the person they thought was “the one” - but for whatever reason wasn’t meant to be. Were YOU the one that narrowly escaped a bad first date? Feel free to interpret the theme as creatively as you wish. Who knows - maybe we’ll even share some lessons we learned from not getting what we thought we wanted. Tickets are free, just register to reserve your seat. Walk up tickets limited to 60 ppl.

See you there!


Next Week Sneak Peek!


Wed - Sun Feb 9-13 @ Around CDMX

Check out the largest art festival in Latin America, coming to CDMX next week!!

The Fierro Viejo NFT Project (led by me) will be featured at its own exhibit at Haab's downstairs gallery! The official launch will be Thursday so be sure to add that to your gallery schedule.

📲 Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

Artsy Nights Music Festival 2022.

Art Week Mexico City. Feb 11 & 12.

Artsy Nights is the official party series of ZONAMACO. Get your tickets for access to 12 locations, 30 design shops, 36+ artists, and 30+ music performances on Friday and Saturday. Each ticket comes with one-day access to ZONAMACO. | ART • NFT’s • MUSIC • DESIGN • TATTOO |

Learn more about ZONAMACO here!

Saturday 2/12 - Secret CDMX Location (aka the Art Week party you want to go to)

SMS-22’s first launch of the year will deploy a series of immersive experiences!

SMS-22 will kick off its 2022 launch schedule with a journey across the Star Tribes Galaxy from CDMX’s Space Center. During this mission, we will travel light-years across the universe and land on different planets to discover their lifestyle through the unique music scene each offers. Headliner: Armen Miran

Get your tickets here: Code: RAQUELSMA


💡 Tip of the Week

📚 Have you ever wanted to read a particular book in Spanish, but became frustrated because your level just wasn't high enough yet?

Well, Jon Knebel, a frequenter of Mexico City, and one of our community members, has just launched an app that allows you to learn Spanish by reading versions of popular Spanish content that are dynamically-modified to match your precise level in the language. The app is still in beta, but if you'd like to get in on the ground floor and try it, you'll be given the link immediately after filling out this form: He's also looking for cofounders.

You can also see the app in action in this video:

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