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Fierro Viejo NFT - Call for Artists

Updated: Feb 7, 2022


“We’re calling… more Mexican… digital artists, both visual, and audio… to make art for an iconic collectiooooon!”

This historic project based in CDMX will ultimately be presented at the World Expo in Dubai.

Introducing: The Fierro Viejo NFT Project An iconic art collaboration based on the Fierro Viejo recording any heard circulating from trucks around town countless times a day. 🔊"Se compraaaa..."

Almost 20 years ago, Maria Del Mar's father was a recycling man who recorded a track to better broadcast his business buying old appliances and scrap metal. It's since become the most famous sound across Mexico and the unofficial theme of CDMX, but that fame hasn't converted into economic prosperity for the family. Until now…

We're commissioning 20+ digital artists to create visual and audio art based on 'Fierro Viejo' to raise money for Maria, social impact organizations, and artists.

This project will be showcased during CDMX Art Week at Haab Condesa.

Collectors will the have a chance to bid on their favor piece of Mexican history.

One month later we plan to present at the World Expo in Dubai.

Our goal is to make history- showcasing Mexican art, technology, and innovation on the global stage in celebration of a national icon.

We are still looking for artists! Artists should apply HERE.

Follow Fierro Viejo NFT on Twitter for updates. @fierrovierjonft Interested? Reach out to Raquel on Twitter. @crypto_condesa

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